By the Spirit of Hope
"The man was so so so glad to receive snacks from the Hope Bag. He gave me hug, and his eyes lit up when he opened his bag, he immediately drunk the water. He touched me, I'm going to drive by the street next week to give him a hot meal from the drive through" - Romans Gift ParticipantRead More


With Liberation
"The Hope Bag event was one of the most refreshing & liberating feelings I've experience. Then to bless someone on the street in need was totally amazing.." - Romans Gift ParticipantRead More


Families in Love
"This is my second time participating in Romans Gift Project and seeing their faces when they receive a hope bag is something so special" - Romans Gift ParticipantRead More

Our Mission

Romans Gift Project restores hope and provides relief for those in need by cultivating the power of community giving through awareness and holistic outreach initiatives. As we come together as one we foster sustained faith through Hope Missions that promotes a consciousness to give freely to strengthen the community.

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